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Resilience Counselling and Training has been created with the main focus on providing empowerment and increased self-belief for people. It is also a confidential and supportive environment to receive counselling support for a range of issues such as mental health concerns, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss or big life changes and goals. The journey from uncertainty or trauma back to solid ground can be difficult and it helps when you are not alone on this process.


The foundations of this business started with learning about the merits of resilience first hand, through a series of intense and traumatic life events. This provided an insight into what it means to dig deep and find the inner resources to push forward, when it seems like there is nothing left to give. People have an inherent and inbuilt mechanism that can generate enough fuel to get across the most treacherous terrain in their lives, but a lot of people can encounter problems repeatedly and be unaware that it exists within them. 


Life is a cycle, it gives us valuable experiences, it can test or surprise us, and make us stronger through our challenges. One thing about life, that is usually learnt 'the hard way', is beyond pain and suffering, intensity and hard work, is found strength, freedom and fulfilment. Some people give up on the journey before reaching the fulfilment because they see the journey as the destination, whereby keeping on moving forwards through the slog, it can all change around. This is what resilience gives to someone, is to prove to them that they are capable of beating their challenges, they are worth more than what they may be giving themselves credit for, or what others may be saying to them which knocks their confidence, they can do or be anything they want to when they push for it, and discover fulfilment and freedom in their lives. 


The aim of the service we provide is to draw out these strength qualities in our clients, by forming new resilience and self-belief in them, and no matter how hard life seems, never give up on yourself, happiness and fulfilment are just on the other side. Firstly, let's get to work on overcoming these challenges together! This next step is up to you to decide, do you really want to experience fulfilment and peace? If you do, then get in touch through our contact us page HERE.

“The happiest life is that which consistently exercises and educates what is best in us.”

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